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Harness the power and efficiency of green energy with our high quality solar panels. Tackle the costs of inflated energy bills with a sustainable and lasting solution to traditional forms of energy. The team at 101 are seasoned, experienced and approachable professionals - if you have any questions regarding solar panels or solar panel initiatives, they'll be happy to answer your questions.

We offer highly competitive prices and pride ourselves on providing value for money systems that give a great return on investment. Solar Panels 101 was founded to serve as a vital source of much needed information regarding solar power - we're aware that many members of the public remain unsure of the benefits and costs involved. We were founded to reassure consumers about their solar purchases. Our specialist teams do nothing else but install solar panels nationwide - they'll give you an easy to understand explanation of your brand new solar panel system and its many benefits; sustainability, longevity and an environmentally sound way of creating renewable energy for your home. Our installation teams pride themselves on installations that are both aesthetically pleasing and non-intrusive on your day to day life.

How Does Solar Panels 101 Operate?

It only takes about 30 seconds to do.

The service is free of charge - there's no cost whatsoever, and if the price of our systems on offer is too much for you, then you face no obligation to go ahead with anything.

Speak to real people - no automated responses, no tedious pitches and no crumby product recommendations! We are confident in our solar initiatives and pride ourselves on being the best possible source for solar information across the UK!

I was so pleased when I contacted the team at Solar Panels 101. What an informative and friendly bunch they are! They worked hard to explain the benefits of solar panels to me without sounding pushy at all! I didn't feel obligated by anything said to me over the phone - in fact, I felt confident because of their extensive knowledge of solar panels. The more that I heard about solar panels and solar initiatives, the more curious it made me. After much discussion over the phone and filling out their online form - I had spoken with a certified solar installer about the work that would be carried out on my home and decided to make this investment count for me - I have not been disappointed to date!


Jessica Phillips